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If you are in need of heating repair on your gas furnace, or just an inspection for peace of mind, please contact D-N-D Services at 972-771-9898. gas furnace repairOur inspections include all the vital components of your furnace and will alert you of any needed gas furnace heating repairs needed if at all. Our technicians also check for carbon monoxide to ensure the safety of  your heating system.

Where natural gas is easily available, the forced air furnace dominates the heating market but there are many components to ensure your heater is working properly and safely. Natural gas is the lowest cost fuel and the forced air furnace is the lowest cost central system.

Gas Furnace Efficiency

There has been many improvements in efficiency in gas furnaces in the last 20 years. Any furnace less than 80% efficient or more than 20 years old, replacement should be considered not only for safety, but for the huge amount of potential for money back in your pocket. If your home is even only modestly insulated, replacing an old furnace can possibly be the biggest single energy management measure that can be taken to reduce heating costs.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency – AFUE, takes into consider the off-cycle losses. This rating is influenced by how the furnace is vented, if it has a standing pilot or IID and its cycling performance. All furnaces today must be at least 78% AFUE and to have an ENERGY STAR rating, they must be at least 90% AFUE.

Here are some stimated AFUE’s of gas furnaces
20 – 40 years old, natural draft  65 – 70% afue
less than 20 years old, forced vent through metal flue pipe 75 – 80% afue
less than 20 years old, condensing (plastic flue pipe) 85 – 90% afue
less than 10 years old, condensing, multi-speed fans, multi-stage burners, outside combustion air 90 – 97% afue
It is easy to see the best way to reduce total heating costs is to replace an old heating system. If you live in Rockwall,Rowlett,Garland,Mesquite,Greenville, Sulphur Springs, or a surrounding area, and are in need of a major heating repair on your gas furnace,or not, you still may want to consider the monthly savings of a new furnace.
We are factory authorized dealers of Carrier brand furnaces and believe they are the best in the business. You can see more about the different types of gas furnaces offered Carrier Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Installation |Gas Furnace Size

What size gas furnace do you need? It is important for comfort and efficiency that a furnace be the correct size for your home. Traditional practice has been to over-size a furnace and use about a 100,000 BTU furnace for any ‘average’ house, and maybe 200,000 BTUs for a larger house. This is a bad practice because furnaces are the least efficient when they are warming up, and cooling down. When a furnace has been over sized,it will cycle on and off more and have a lower over-all efficiency. This cycling also produces more uneven temperatures in the space, reducing comfort.
The proper to size a furnace is with a Heat Loss calculation of the house. Unfortunately this is not done in almost all cases. If you are in need of a heat loss calculation, one can be arranged by our partners at Complete Home Energy Services.