Duct Cleaning

Proper air duct cleaning does more than help heating and air conditioning systems operate more effectively – it also removes pollutants and allergens contaminating the air

Your ventilation system could be a breeding ground for dust mites and home to millions of dust particles, pollen and mold and mildew – and when you breathe in air, you are inhaling those contaminates. If anyone in your family is experiencing frequent symptoms of colds, allergies or respiratory illnesses such as asthma, the culprit could be dirty air ducts.

Air ducts provide you heat in winter and cooling in summertime. Don’t allow them to be a magnet for dangerous particles and a health hazard. Duct cleaning is one of the most important heating and air services because it affects your health – regularly have them checked with heating and air maintenance.

Call D-n-D Services for a complete, professional air duct cleaning of your entire system to ensure air is fresh and clean

We don’t just clean visible parts of air ducts – we will vacuum register and vents and reach through vents into ductwork to rid your system of grime and dust and get the best possible cleaning results with our high-powered unit. Ask about additional services that ensure no traces of pollutants in the air. D-n-D Services is a dependable heat and ac contractor – trust us to keep your home and office air clean!

Air ducts need cleaning if:

  • Ducts are clogged with excessive dust and debris blown in from supply registers
  • Furniture shows visible increase in dust and dirt
  • Family experiencing frequent colds, allergies or other respiratory illnesses
  • Heavy mold growth inside ducts or on heating and air conditioning systems
  • Ducts are infested with insects or rodents

Our commitment is to ensure ducts are properly cleaned and rid of harmful contaminates

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