Indoor Air Quality

Temperature, humidity, cleanliness, freshness, odors and noise contribute to your home indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can impact people, processes and productivity. If you want to give your family the healthiest air possible, please contact D-n-D Services in Rockwall today at 972-771-9898

We provide excellent work at reasonable prices – and our professional technicians won’t pressure you to pay for something you don’t want or need!

How Clean is Your Indoor Air? The Environmental Protection Agency says that your indoor air quality can be as much as 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. At D-n-D Services, our qualified technicians can make certain that your indoor air quality is healthy using our indoor air purification systems to eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, microorganism and other airborne chemicals from the air.

At D-n-D Services we want to give you the healthiest indoor air possible – and we can do that by safely removing allergens, contaminants and household dust.

Service call fee of 82.50 includes troubleshooting at no additional cost.

At D-n-D Services, our thorough home inspection by qualified technicians will let you know if your heating and air systems are working at their highest efficiency. The D-n-D Services inspection includes all duct work and filters and safety features to ensure that your air conditioner and heating system are doing their jobs. If not, we will provide you with tips and solutions for better effectiveness so you and your family can breathe clean air!

Residential D-n-D Services include:

  • Maintenance agreements
  • Repairs
  • Replacement and retrofits of existing equipment
  • Energy efficiency audits on equipment and duct work
  • Duct work assessment
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement

Commercial D-n-D Services include:

  • Full service and repair of all HVAC equipment
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Extended labor warranties

Call D-n-D Services today at: 972-771-9898